Private Reviewing & Feedback With Satori Graphics

With over 15 years of hands on graphic design experience, and with a graphic design YouTube channel with over 300,000 follows, Satori Graphics is a hub for creative advice and feedback. As a highly respected video marketing strategist, he has helped countless people with technical aspects of Adobe Illustrator, logo designing, graphic design theory and much much more.

Tier 1 : Design Review & Feedback

You can provide a single design to Satori Graphics, and that design will be reviewed in-depth over a 24 hour period. After the review has been conducted, you will receive a detailed analysis and critique on your design which will consist of the following; what elements are effective in your design and why it works, the weak points of the design and the areas that need improving, as well as some pointers and suggestions on how to improve the design regarding type, colour use, shape, design psychology, the brief and more. This will be delivered in no less than 1,000 words and all within a handy PDF, something that is sure to send the creative workflow in the right direction.

Tier 2: Portfolio Facelift

Satori Graphics will work with you during 2 interactions as a means to improve your graphic design portfolio. The first interaction will be where you send the link of your portfolio along with some background information on yourself as a graphic designer. Satori will then spend 24 hours reviewing and going over portfolio, and will provide feedback and how to improve the overall experience for the end user. This will help ensure that you gain more clients and recognition through a more professional portfolio. After the feedback has been delivered in the form of a handy PDF and in no less than 2,000 written words, you can go ahead and make changes to your graphic design portfolio. When you are happy with your changes you then can resubmit your portfolio for a follow up review and feedback from Satori.


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